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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In The World 2017

Job is necessary part of life because fulfill the requirement of daily basis needs also doing job is a basic need of every person. Many people have done multiple jobs according to interest and involvement, but now a day job is a major issue and many people can’t find the jobs and are forced to unpleasant work sometime it become more and more dangerous.
Due to dangerous job workers face a lot of difficulties and health problem death rate also increase on peak level. People work in all type of weather condition (it can be cold or hot) day and night, continuous work, dangerous areas, harmful situations and many other risky condition these issues are not good for any worker also cause major injuries and death rate. Dangerous jobs are unsafe all-time but sometime it highly paid by the people because lot of risk include in these jobs high payment safety of their families.
Here is the list of top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world 2017.
10. Farmers Agricultural Managers
Agricultural Farmers work hard day and night in fields with dangerous and heavy machinery for the purpose of food and play important role for the higher economy. They work hard in hot and cold temperature for the best cultivation but its most dangerous job due to this farmer’s death rate increasing day by day and many farmers injured on everyday bases. The survey of agriculture is also known as agricultural science, the history of farmers is thousands years old and developed with the passage of time with different climates, culture and innovation of technologies.
9. Heavy Transport Drivers
Another most dangerous job is heavy transport drivers they work hard continuously for many days and transfer overweight, fleshy machinery and other big raw material from one place to another, it’s very risky and dangerous work for drivers but they do it with responsibility. But due to risky work road accident increase at top level many people injured on daily basis and also died many people from road accidents. For continuous work heavy transport cause many health problems like back bone pain issue, shoulder pain, headache, and legs pain. According to report death rate is 22 % per 100000 workers.
8. Line Installer and Repairs
It’s most dangerous job in the world line installer and repairs work with all type of weather cold and more hot they have done work in all situations. During storm and wind condition electric system damage widely it’s a duty of line installer to repair it without care of life and health as well. Although its 24 hour job according to need regular, irregular hours on morning, evening, night, holidays and weekends. Line installer’s repairs electric power system, telecommunication cables, also including fiber optic almost 23 deaths per 100000 workers.
7. Hand Laborer
Hand laborer job is most dangerous all over the world also most difficult job, many had laborer are work full time due to material are transfer around the clock some workers assigned with the warehouses and work overnight shifts. Some material transfer jobs are dangerous some cause major injuries and illness, sometime collectors drive too much to complete their target that’s why accident takes place. Many biggest companies have much improved hand laborer work standard but still it become more and more dangerous and many people died due to this job death rate 27 out of 100000 workers.
6. Steel Workers
Steel works can be divided into parts, the electric Arc Furnaces process and second one is The basic oxygen Furnaces process no doubt it’s too much dangerous job workers walk only four inch beams of steel one wrong step could be last step of their life. Workers who work in steel industry and companies they are mare skilled and trained but still work with dangerous and death rate increasing rapidly that is 30.3 per 100000 workers. Workers work hundred and thousand feet above the ground they work carefully otherwise it’s too risky job because if they fall from height body can be damaged and very rare chances to stay alive.
5. Roofers
Roofers mean roof mechanic they specialize in roof construction and work with all type of perfect material and massive machinery. Main four types of roofers Shinglers, metal roofers, flat roofers, and hot roofers but roofer’s job is much risky and dangerous job in the world. It appear as a easy and very simple job but in order the death of workers and injuries called risky job due to falling heat stroke and many serious body diseases according to construction research and training found death rate increase at top level 40.1 percent from 100000 roof workers.
4. Hazardous Material Workers
Hazardous material workers another most dangerous job in the world and 47 out of 100000 workers lost their lives and 55 injured out of hundred workers estimated by Bureau of Labour statistics they work with garbage areas, unhygienic areas, laborites and factories waste poisonous other dangerous chemical. These dirty material causes of major health problem body organ can be damage seriously, safety dresses also not enough for all the workers. Hazardous good can be solid liquid, harmful gases workers are trained to handle dangerous material and goods.
3. Pilots
This profession is liked by the many people specially youngsters but pilots are doing very dangerous job, commercial flight are less dangerous due to high safety and protection but rescue operation or bush pilots are more risky and dangerous job because they have to done targets, operations in every bad weather conditions, fire while accidents and many other bad conditions. No doubt they are well trained but work with unpleasant situations death rate become more high 53.4 death in 100000 workers according to Bureau of Labour statistics and declare as a world risky job.
2. Fishermen
Many fishermen while catching the fishes become more dangerous many laws increase the safety of fishermen. They work in isolated fishing ground, high winds, very cold water, icing, short fishing season, darkness work continuously day and night its cause many health issue, physical stress, financial pressure, dangerous work conditions faced by fisherman have a strong impact on their safety. The death rate is on peak 117 people out of 100000 workers whole team done work with desirable condition of the sea it’s all time dangerous job but sometime fisherman enjoy this job.
1. Logging Workers
Logging workers glean thousands of acres of forest in every year the timber that they glean provides raw material for many consumer goods and industrial goods. This is a professional job but very difficult and dangerous job because loggers face many problem and difficulties during work with lot of risk other thing is that loggers pay are not enough according to their work. The death is high as compare to other all dangerous job that is 128 per 100000 workers with highly ranked world dangerous job.

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