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Top 10 Hottest Female Sports Newscasters In The World 2017

Sport is full of entertainment industry for everyone and millions of people love the sports like cricket, football, hockey, Tennis, and many others. Sports are physical activities mostly played by teams mean that two teams played against another with the set of rule and regulation.
Sports commentary also play very important role for the attraction of any game for the people who watching various sports games in this modern and advance world not only men are successful commentators but women are also have ability to perform these type of task perfectly now a day’s many hot and beautiful female doing this job nicely and more famous all around the world due to beauty and attractive personalities.
Some sports newscasters also television famous personalities they have lot of abilities with unique and strong hosting skill and followed by millions of people globally.
Here is the list of top 10 hottest female sports newscasters in the world 2017.
10. Britt McHenry
This gorgeous lady was born on 28 May 1986 in Mount Holly Township New Jersey United State she is American sports reporter work as a Washington D.C based reporter for ESPN. She stat her career after graduation from journalism school for the WJLA-TV ABC television Washington affiliate after sometime ABC TV and start ESPN. She is very beautiful, gorgeous hottest female sports newscaster in the world and become very famous and liked by many people among the world she is extremely hot her smile is also very pretty catch million of hearts.
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9. Ilaria D’Amico
Italian television host commentator and most popular for her work related to football she was born on 30 August 1973 in Rome Italy start her career in 1997 as a anchor with LA Giostra de Gaulle and also work for the world cup football in 1998 and then work in 2000 with UEFA. IN 2014 she got married with Buffon she has one children during 2006 she received lot of fame due to reality TV show Campioni football related show and declare as most charming and attractive sport newscaster in the world not just in her country.
8. Kirsty Gallacher
This beautiful lady ranking as hottest female sport newscaster all over the world she was born on 20 January 1976 and starts her career in the year of 1998 with sky sport news and after sometime work for the for sky 1 2002 to 2004 and became more famous around the world. She also works for the all star cup on sky 1 in 2005 and then work for BBC. She again starts working for the sky 1 in 2011 as host sky sport news she wanted to fashion journalist and studied in the London College of fashion in journalism and promotion. She is very talented and done best work in her field and get many awards and nominees.
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7. Charlie Webster
Another hottest female sport newscaster Charlie Webster is very beautiful and charming lady very famous among the people due to her beauty she is also television presenter and reporter. This English sport newscaster was born on 9 November 1982 in Sheffield, England she has done qualification in Language university of Newcastle with part time job as a personal trainer, fitness, instructor actress and model as well. She start her career with the Real Madrid TV Channel by the team of Galactico Spain, in the year of 2006 she also work for the Asian football tournament, Premier football league, motor sport championship and many others.
6. Charlotte Jackson
Charlotte Jackson is successful sports newscaster in the world very hottest as well she is also work as a singer and model currently connect with sky sports news. She was born on 28 November 1978 in Portsmouth, Hampshire England she was also played Lacrosse, and tennis for Hampshire. She work on various sports channel but received lot of fame in 2009 when she was presenting FIFA world player of the year award Ceremony she start her as a journalist with different websites like spor.com, 365 footballs and team talk as well she is declared as a most hottest female sport newscaster globally due to her beauty and attractive body, she got married with football manager Chris Coleman.
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5. Charissa Thompson
Charissa Thompson is an American television start and sport newscaster work with the Sport Fox 1, NBC and co-host on the syndicate entertainment news show extra. She declare as hottest female sport newscaster in the world due to gorgeous and beautiful look she was born on 4 may 1982 in Seattle Washington she start her career in the year of 2006 with fox sports and big ten network in 2010 she covered World cup in south Africa also worked for the ESPN. Currently she is working for the NASCAR as a co-host and became very successful in her career.
4. Melissa Stark
One of the most beautiful and attractive sport newscasters Melissa Stark she is also one f the most talented and television host and newscaster she has a great fan following. She starts working with NFL network as a reporter and then link with the NBC in 2003 she was born on 11 November 1973 birth place was Baltimore, Maryland, United states her father is a very famous Eye Surgeons she is one child of her parents. She joined ESPN in 1996; ABC sports News in June 2000 after three year of working here NBC news and sports as a national correspondent for the today show.
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3. Michelle Beadle
Michelle Beadle has different hosting jobs on various channels start her career in 1997 field of journalism but main joining in 2009 on ESPN currently she is working as a sportsnation on ESPN and host as well on this same channel and got lot of success of her career. She also presenting on Travel channel and hosted the show “get packing” she work for Television shows like Today show, Extra, Access Hollywood, the early show and entertainment tonight. 17 years of long career she has done work with almost ten companies and rove that she is very talented and unique style of hosting.
2. Sara Carbonero
Sara Carbonero is so hot and beautiful female sport newscaster and television presenter for Telecinco she start her professional career in 2000 when she was 16 years old. She got married in 2009 with Spanish football player Iker Casillas she has two children she was declared in same year as a sexiest sport reporter in the world according to American edition of FHM. She received lot of popularity in FIFA World cup 2010 and then she became one of most searching personality with the great fan following and currently ranking as a hottest female sport newscaster globally.
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1. Erin Andrews
One of the most top Erin Andrews is a television star and sports newscaster from America she is hosting a sideline reporter for channel Fox NFL also for the dancing with the stars on ABC. She was born in Lewiston Maine US on 4 May 1978 she is very talented and attractive personality and gets lot of fame all around the world. She worked with the Fox Sports Florida as a reporter in 2000, for the nine years 2004 to 2012 she work for ESPN as a reports and 2012 she start working again for the Fox sports with great success and fame.

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