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Black Off-Duty Officer Fired By The White On-Duty Officer In US

An black officer who was off duty was shot by the on duty officer while the black officer was giving the assistance to police to catch the car stolen black criminals but White officer fired him because he did not recognize him.


On the Wednesday night, three black criminals stole the car, they were following by the police, the car was crashed and they ran but near the incident place there was a black officer who was not at duty at time.

He listened the voice and come outside to home to assist the police officers but he was shot due to recognition mistake.

America is a country who is very strict in terms of its rules and regulations, the police is very strict with reference of its dealings.

Government has gave the permission to a policeman that he can shot a person for his safety and now the police department faced the same situation in Missouri where a police man shot a person to seeing it as self safety.

The black guy wounded guy is 38 years old is also a policeman who is serving the department from eleven years but another side White officer 36 years old who shot the man for his safety is also his colleague, but he made the mistake while recognizing the criminals.

The black cop heard the commotion while they were fighting with the cops, he came out of home with his service gun to assist the police officers, he caught the three black men who stole the car and they were chasing by the white cops.

According to police chief, black off-duty officer was sent to hospital because he is wounded due to received a fire in his arm by the white officer and off-duty black guy was discharged on Thursday.

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