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Alexander Novak Welcomes Trump's Decision to Uncover a new Energy Plan for US

Russian energy minister has said that he welcomes United States President Donald Trump’s decision to reveal a new energy plan for US.
Alexander Novak told in a latest interview on Sunday in Vienna that Russia wished for a return to talks on energy both countries enjoyed in 2014 just before crisis in Ukraine led to US and European sanctions on Russia.
He added saying Russia believes the energy sector should build and the fact that a large nation, the main country in economic terms, though if United States agrees to their plans, will be building its power is generally a positive thing for the entire of the energy sector.
Hence, Russian authorities have been working to arrange talk-table for over the weekend between United States president and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, while it never lies on weeks, though the Kremlin can make it after long time efforts, Dmitry Peskov who is a Russian diplomat, told media.
Nonetheless, Russian energy minister considers Trump’s energy plan could drive prices lower and oil can be traded from $50 to $60 a barrel over next 12-month. While the project depends on some with the availability of natural mineral resources and it seems to be hundred percent normal.
On the other hand, Mr. Trump has said during his inaugural speech on 20 January, 2017 that his presidency will be paying complete attention over achievement of energy independence from the OPEC oil-producing cartel and any country hostile to United States interests.
When asked Novak about future ties to US, answered saying Russia hopes better relationships with America in next, also wishes the Trump’s presidency will open a new chapter of developments for both nations.
The Russian energy minister also confidently said Europe and US sanctions are not good for both such as foreign oil majors and Russia.

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